Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Facts Revealed by Commissioner

In a new position paper from Commissioner Amanda Fritz, some shocking new facts about the stadium deal are revealed, including (a) the REAL cost of $42.3 mil in TIF financing will be $85 million counting interest, and (b) the construction contract for the new stadium will be "no bid," with Paulson selecting the contractor with no input from the city. (She does, however, overlook livability issues, saying the stadium would be "a nice amenity for Lents.")

1 comment:

  1. Dear Oregonians,
    I'm a Oregonian WebFoot my family has lived in S.E./Lents area for 110 years!
    Before Lents was getto-ish & now look how Lents is trying to coming back to a nice community again.DON'T TAKE IT AWAY!!!.....plz...
    I have been a foster parent of Autistic children for 17 years, serving the State and children PLEASE DO NOT PASS the stadium funding for Lent's and ruin our neighborhood!...PlZzZzZz...You've heard all the reasons why.
    WHAT about all that unused land between 97th/122nd & Harold/Foster area?
    P.S. I am also sending a copy of this to Our Governor
    "The World can only change from Within"
    Take Care! ......... Joan