Sunday, June 14, 2009

A very belated thank you

Without a low interest, payment deferred loan through the PDC to repair my falling down house, my life would not be so good right now.

I was a single mom and extremely poor, in 1998, and my 80+ year old home had a crumbling basement, faulty wiring, and the roof was caving in. The PDC helped me repair those problems which allowed me to keep my affordable home (my mortgage was much less than rent anywhere else), and because I could afford to be poor awhile longer, I was finally able to go to college. I earned my Masters this year, and I earn a heckuva lot more money, too, so I can finally start paying back that loan.

If I hadn't had stable, safe, affordable housing, I would still be working for minimum wage. A new stadium would not have helped me.

People who need help don't have the luxury to wait and see, or to take long term risks. That?s a rich people thing. I know urban renewal funds help much more when applied directly to the immediate problems and not indirectly through superfluous public attractions.

So thank you to those who are working to keep Lents Park free and open and to keep our Urban Renewal funds in our coffers where they can keep working for homeowners and small business owners. I promise, now that I've finally graduated, I will spend more time helping my neighbors and community.

For those who are opposed, I hope you consider how many people have benefited from low income loans for critical repairs. There are many others like me.

Thank you!
Twila Nesky

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